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The Key to Multi-Channel Success: Understanding the Search and Social Mindset

There have been countless articles, posts, and case studies regarding multi-channel digital strategies, and the role each channel should play in your marketing mix. And there is no shortage of opinions when it comes to which tactics you should be employing, or which new features and updates will help take your advertising to the next level. However, what’s often lost is the context of your audience’s expectations and mindset when they’re engaging with a given channel.

Not surprisingly, people behave differently depending on where they are in the digital space.  Even the same individual will exhibit drastically different behavior depending on when and where they are online. While a person’s behavior can change across all digital channels (and offline as well), I’ll focus specifically on the paid search and paid social channels. Understanding the different mindsets of your audience on these channels will help you align them more effectively and avoid the dangers of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to your marketing strategy.

Conversion Intent Drives Search
Search is an active, intent-based action. When people search online, they’re actively seeking things to buy, learn and experience. They might be looking specifically for your brand (“Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital” or “Best Buy”), or performing a non-branded search (“hospitals near me” or “car stereo reviews”), but in both cases they’re expressing a need for information and willingly engaging with sources that offer solutions to their inquiries.

Search is a valuable tool to find what we want both online and offline: nearly eight out of 10 individuals use search engines to address health needs, over half of diners use their mobile device to find a restaurant, and four out of five searches on mobile devices lead to purchases.  With consumers exhibiting such a high conversion intent, it’s crucial for businesses to capture the attention of consumers through this channel. Positioning themselves as the go-to resource for a given subject is an effective way for brands to provide searchers with relevant products, services or information.



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