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#MonetizeWiFi How to make money from your WiFi


Making money, collecting data on your customers and using today’s #SocialWiFiMarketing

wifi is smartAny business, literally any business, that offers WiFi today, can generate amazing customer analytics, engage on a deeper level with its customers/guests and literally make money from a free WiFi signal that today’s customers demand and expect, even without third party monetization.

For the last two years as I’ve traveled the country speaking with marketing teams and IT companies, there are a few questions that arise. 1) Is the system secure?  2)  Is it legal? (this one always makes me chuckle) and 3) Can I really make money from this and how?

click click revenue

In my e-book (#1 Social WiFi Marketing Tool) I outline the basics of social WiFi and how many different vertical markets can reap the benefits of this relatively new technology. In a nutshell, as a better alternative to customers asking “what’s the WiFi password” or having a system that doesn’t have any security or terms and conditions (leaving you wide open for future litigation) social WiFi allows your customers to make a simple “click” on a social icon and login using facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter or a quick short form. As for the security,  EsRM can provide it for you. Once they authenticate to your WiFi, their data is swept into a cloud-based portal that you manage and control.  A good #SocialWiFi system will capture the basics of:

Email, cell number, age, birth date, gender, location, social interests, device used, social connections and much more! This data clearly benefits any business. But, that’s just the beginning…

Now, many of you may have heard of beacon and geo-fencing advertising. While this CAN be effective, IF you can get your customers to download an app and always have their blue-tooth on, it’s not very realistic if you want to capture a large segment of the market at a value-added price point.  You’ll be able to advertise, on average to about 10-15% of an area’s market, and that’s a generous number.

#SocialWiFi, on the other hand, will capture data on 60+% of your customer/guest base and they’ll literally have to do NOTHING except use the WiFi to receive messaging.  And they only have to login once and next time their within your WiFi signal, they’re automatically “in”! Which would you rather have?  60% of customers or 15%?

I do recommend beacons, however, when you need to drill down on a granular product level such as advertising for a specific pair of jeans at a store; and you need that signal to be on an exact product versus marketing to a customer in a general area.  Although #SocialWiFi can now reach accuracy within 6-9 feet for geo-fencing messaging. But, if you need to get closer than that…you’re going to need a beacon, for now.

Social WiFi Restaurant Case Study:
captini screen cap 0329A restaurant launched #SocialWiFi and over the course of three months, captured 5,000 customer emails and social information, increased it’s restaurant app download by advertising to its WiFi users, by 15%, increased gift card purchases by 4% and was able to use Better AD Network to monetize the remaining ad spots on its WiFi generating $1,000 per month in advertising.  What did this system cost this restaurant?  $50 for an access point and $25/month for the #SocialWiFi software.  That’s not a bad return, right?

In addition to the revenue generated above, this restaurant had engaged with nearly 72% of its patrons through WiFi and text messaging through the software, and made better marketing decisions in their outside advertising because they knew their customers, better.

This same restaurant is getting ready to launch a campaign on another business’ WiFi through Better AD Network’s monetization tools as well and is only spending $7 per 1,000 views of their ad.  Social WiFi advertising uses video, banner, retargeting and more to effectively advertise businesses, cities/towns and groups.

If you’re looking for an innovative technology that’s been proven by Fortune 500 companies in more than 70 countries around the world, contact:  623-806-1212 for more information.

Stacy Deprey-Purper is a public speaker and authority on #SocialWiFiMarketing with more than 27 years of sales and marketing experience.  She’s a proud mom of 1 and a wife; and partners with her husband to help businesses use today’s technology to grow in a cost-effective way.

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