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Mobile Data Movement

Contributed by Stacy Deprey-Purper, Founder: Better Ad Network

There’s an elephant in the room…and it’s name is “Mobile Advertising Data” (MAD, for short). It’s acronym is appropriately named as many of us in the industry have been “mad” about the integrity of mobile data for years now.

From facebook’s “fake likes” to erroneous search data, and don’t even get me started on location data that claims my device is in Tampa FL when I’m actually in Phoenix, Arizona! Our industry is truly in crisis, even if some folks aren’t stepping up to acknowledge it…yet.

I think Marc Pritchard, Proctor & Gamble’s Chief Brand Officer said it best. “We have an antiquated media buying and selling system that was clearly not built for this technology revolution. We serve ads to consumers through a non-transparent media supply chain with spotty compliance to common standards, unreliable measurement, hidden rebates and new inventions like bot and methbot fraud.” (source: Marketing Week)

Another disturbing fact in the industry was reported by USA Today that its parent company, Gannett, asked the FBI to probe into the extreme rise in fake facebook profiles. The company claims, after an internal investigation, that more than ⅓ of its followers aren’t real. What does this mean in the industry? It means that Gannett and companies like it have probably been spending millions of dollars in facebook advertising to people who don’t exist. Ouch.

All of that bad data is true, until now. Better AD Network has built the U.S.’s largest private mobile WiFi advertising platform (M-WAP) which serves ads in a split second to public WiFi users, based on their social media profile and demographic information. That data is then married with verified device data and adds an additional layer of who that customer is, based on where they have taken their smart devices.

Better AD Network can collect name, age, gender, home location, email, cell number, device ID and personas (based on verified event/activity attendance). What’s more, the technology can send data back to the Guest WiFi owners with additional analytics relating to top visited sites while in the venue, length of dwell time and repeat visitor stats to name a few.

From the advertiser’s perspective this new technology, invented by Better AD Network and coined #GeoWiFi provides accurate, 1st party data with 100% opt-in and 95% viewability rankings.


For more information on this unique and effective technology, contact 1-844-WiFi-ADS.

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