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Mobile Advertising with Better Ad Network

Just when we thought mobile advertising was at its peak, #SocialWiFiMarketing on mobile devices has taken things to a whole new level!  We have found that Better Ad Network (BAN) has raised the bar in mobile advertising, offering real-time ads with geo-fencing capabilities and uber targeted marketing as people are logging into social wifi across the United States .

BAN has developed a programmatic advertising platform that seamlessly integrates with social WiFi customers, using the Purple WiFi portal, at present.  Companies and advertising agencies such as Owens-Harkey of Phoenix, Arizona state:  “Our agency fully intends to promote and place our clients on the Better Ad Network. We are very aware of the viability of programmatic and mobile networks, and with BAN being a catalyst,vegas ad rev 7 we feel many of our clients will benefit from this network.”

According to Laura Johnson of Adweek:  

“Did you know that 67 percent of smartphone shoppers will switch to a competitor’s site if the checkout process takes too long? That’s one of a handful of stats Google is releasing today in a new report about how brands like Walmart and Red Roof Inn are moving the sales needle with mobile marketing.

Here are four of the most interesting case studies in the report. It’s no surprise that mobile budgets keep growing, but if nothing else, the below examples should give brand marketers a better idea of which mobile tactics actually work.

1. Red Roof Inn: An estimated 90,000 travelers are stranded every day from canceled flights. So the hotel chain and 360i ran a mobile search campaign targeting folks scrambling to find a nearby hotel with creative like, “Stranded at the airport?”

The result: A 60 percent increase in last-minute bookings. (The campaign also was a winner in Adweek’s Project Isaac Awards, honoring inventive marketing.)

2. Home Depot: When people need help tiling a bathroom floor or building a patio, they’re far more likely to watch a video on a smartphone than a desktop. With that in mind, Home Depot has published hundreds of do-it-yourself videos on YouTube.

The result: More than 43 million YouTube views, with the top 10 videos each generating a million or more views.

3. Walmart: Speed is everything in e-commerce. Last year, Walmart’s mobile site took 7.2 seconds to load. That may seem like a small window of time, but it was slow enough to send a significant number of shoppers elsewhere. To speed up load time, Walmart changed its site’s fonts, images and code.

The result: The big-box retailer cut its load time from 7.2 seconds to 2.9 seconds this year. Each second shaved off reportedly boosted conversions by 2 percent.

4. A real estate website might seem like a strange brand for actress Elizabeth Banks to endorse, but the brand found a creative way for her to convey its message through online video. Banks created a five-part YouTube series that walks first-time homeowners through the steps of buying a house.

The result: 400,000 YouTube views in three weeks. Skippable video ads promoting the video generated a 30 percent view-through rate, which measures the number of complete views divided by ad impressions.”

According to Fun Mobility, the click through rate on these ads is 3 -5 times greater than traditional online ads. It’s no wonder businesses are scrambling to get and keep the top positions on Better Ad Network.

Walter Moore, Vice President of Sales for Better Ad Network stated “Mobile advvegas ad rev 5ertising has started to replace the digital sign industry simply based on the behaviors of today’s population.  Furthermore, budgets large and small can take advantage of this mobile advertising solution.”

According to Moore, Better Ad Network has access to millions of wifi users around the United States and can seamlessly scale in other countries with a short lead time.  The proprietary programmatic platform enables BAN customers to reap benefits with minimal effort.  Through research in the mobile advertising industry, the sharing aspect of their system, expands the reach of all customers and offers a new kind of “word-of-mouth” advertising.

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