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Location-Based Marketing Drives Real-Time, Real-World Engagement With Healthcare Consumers

Americans today spend more than a quarter of their media time on mobile devices. To engage their target audiences in this new digital space, health and life sciences companies are turning to mobile advertising.

Smart marketers know that it’s not just the medium that matters. It’s the underlying data that makes it possible to deliver a message that resonates and drives action. Targeted, location-based campaigns have the power to capture the attention of consumers and tell a brand’s story at key moments. This approach raises awareness and supports doctor-patient interactions, ultimately leading to better health decisions.  It’s happening today on millions of mobile phones around the country, with impressive results.

“A mobile device is not just a piece of technology. It represents a person and an audience segment we try to understand,” said Patrick Aysseh, president of Tomorrow Networks, a division of Aptus Health. “By responsibly using the information we know about these audiences, we can create campaigns designed to reach and engage them with contextually relevant messages, while they are in a location that supports desired health decisions.”

With its powerful set of proprietary data sets and sources, Tomorrow Networks is working with health and life sciences companies to identify the most appropriate audience for healthcare marketers’ brands and serve up information about these therapies, right from within the mobile apps these audiences are already using.

Connecting with consumers in context

Tomorrow Networks delivers brand messages to consumers through popular news, weather, sports and entertainment apps accessed at locations such as a gym, restaurant or supermarket, Aysseh said.

By partnering with Neustar, a global information services provider, Tomorrow Networks gains greater insight into the behaviors and purchasing patterns of consumers to more clearly define a marketer’s message.



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