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Goog-Apocalypse – Google’s new mobile friendly requirements

Goog-Apocalypse – Google’s new mobile friendly requirements

Every single local business in the world needs to understand that today the “big bomb” was dropped by Google.  IF your site is not mobile optimized AND mobile friendly, based on Google’s parameters, your site will STOP ranking.  You’re literally being DE-listed in Google searches. How important is mobile optimization?  I think the graph below outlines this perfectly. In many industries, more than 92% of searches are done via mobile.  At Better Business Together, we’ve spent years working with mobile sites and mobile optimization.  We can help your business.

mobile stats


If you’re not sure if your site complies with Google’s rules and you want to know if you’ve been ‘DE-listed’ call our office and we’ll complete a FREE analysis for you.  Businesses are literally being REMOVED from local searches and many don’t even know it.  The new “Google Mice Update launched today, 4/21/15.

What does this mean?  Even if people are looking for your exact business search, Google will start to push your site OFF the grid and your competitors who are mobile friendly, will start taking business from you!

NO business can afford to ignore this.

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