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Corporations – Should CEO’s and managers be engaging on social media?

If WE, are not the biggest fans of our products and brands, then I am sure WE have much bigger problems than being in social media. In today’s day and age, if you’re one of those CEOs who doesn’t frequent social media and who isn’t eRised, you […]

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If your company is behind in social media – it’s about to get worse…

 If you’re one of those business owners/managers who is technology resistent, your  company may be headed for a rude awakening. The concept of brand loyalty has been around for a long time.  As business owners we need  it.  As customers, we want it.  There’s new technology on […]

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Why is your ROI in social media still a gamble?

It boggles my mind, but each and every week I hear businesses stating they A) aren’t getting any return on their social media time, effort and investment or B) they don’t know what their ROI actually is.  Either way, this spells long-term disaster for your business and […]

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Using LinkedIn to grow your business

If you missed today’s class at Deer Valley Inc/Your Action Coach, here are some guidelines to set you up for success in using LinkedIn to grow your business. Remember, if you have questions or would like to schedule a training session for you and your team, contact […]

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How to create a working web site in today’s market

Gone are the days when you set up your web site and forget it. Yes, fellow entrepreneurs, this, too, requires a little more attention in today’s fast paced online market. I’ve always said “the only constant in our life is that it’s always changing” and this holds […]

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Are you all “dessert” and no “meat”?

Does your advertising look great, but doesn’t yield optimum results?  Do you have a beautiful web site, but you are not found easily on google?  We can help you navigate the vast advertising waters of today’s marketing world. Call us. We really can help.  623-806-1212

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Real estate social media 101

Are you a realtor who has a web site, but not getting their “fair share” of the online searches? Here are some  things to ask yourself, OR your current marketing company/director.  We offer a comprehensive analysis at Better Business Together to help you learn more, if needed. […]

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Don’t fully understand social media benefits to your business?

Social media is changing faster than most of us can keep up. However, one thing that remains the same is HOW you can interact with your customers, provide BETTER service than the guy down the street and gain a customer for LIFE. If you’re a busy owner […]

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A tale of advertising woe…

We’ve all thought it, and according to the SBA more than 80% of small businesses actually do this – AND FAIL. This is a true story from the Phoenix East Valley. SCENARIO: Two businesses opened up selling the same restaurant food. Things were going well, as there wasn’t […]

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Is competition bad?

There are certainly many opinions out there, but the experts (and I tend to agree with these folks) all believe competition is good. Click here for a quick, 90-second story that may give you some perspective:

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