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Case Study: How a Luxury Dealership Won With Geofencing Marketing

Geofencing helps reveal what is actually working and not working in driving traffic to your dealership

Imagine a world where you can target consumers actively shopping and visiting other car dealerships. With geofencing marketing technology, now you can.

Geofencing marketing allows for businesses to target their ads to people based on the physical places they go, such as buildings, malls, events, competitors’ dealerships, repair centers, and other locations with a large concentration of likely car shoppers.

What is geofencing?

Through the use of mobile GPS and app technology, businesses and advertisers can create a virtual geofence around a target building or area.

When consumers enter the designated area (with their smartphone location finder on), companies can capture the mobile device IDs and use that information to target their mobile phones with advertising while they are in the geofence—for up to the next 30 days after they leave the geofenced area.

These consumers will see those ads when using mobile apps such as Angry Birds,, etc., or when they visit mobile-enabled websites that accept advertising.

Who should dealers target?

Dealerships are constantly looking for new ways to disrupt their own marketing budgets with forward-thinking solutions that drive measurable foot traffic to their showrooms.

According to Google, 71% of a car shopper’s interactions take place on a mobile device, making geofencing the ideal hyper-targeted advertising solution for dealers.

Here are three of the many uses of geofencing for dealerships:

  1. Competitor conquesting. Target your competitor dealerships when shoppers visit them.
  2. Customer loyalty. Geofence your own dealership to keep it top of mind or to offer additional incentives for customers who are currently shopping.
  3. Major local events. Target major events with a large number of people who may be potential vehicle buyers (like the annual new-car show or auto enthusiast gatherings).





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