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Want a rewarding, lucrative career with a company that gets you? Now hiring driven, passionate people who think like an entrepreneur but want the stability of a growing company.  We’re the kind of company who thinks microwaves don’t cook fast enough. Check out our positions below.  PLEASE DO NOT send your resume.  We’d like you to submit a letter of interest to: .  If we like what we read, you’ll be asked to schedule a video interview as the next step in our hiring process.


This detailed oriented, customer-focused position requires skills like no other! Track nationwide and global projects post contract.  This person is responsible for ensuring what our team sells is backed up 100% by the best products and services available. You will foster relationships with IT/Network services companies, clients, and internal and external customers.  The best person for this growing position will love people and wake up each day asking themselves how they can help our customers have a great experience.

Ability to meet deadlines with a “NO EXCUSE” approach.  Must work as a great team leader without being bossy and anticipate issues before they arise.  “Clock watchers” need not apply.

Main product lines:  Social WiFi marketing, Social Advertising, Data Mining 

Career path:  Next level in the company would be Vice President .  Position would currently report to the CEO.


We’re not looking for any ordinary admin. First, we need someone who can listen as fast as our executive team talks, preferably.  We’re looking for a positive, driven person who can seriously multi-task.  We have multiple product lines and you’re responsible as the front line to answer basic questions about all of them…with a smile.  If you’re easily frustrated, this job isn’t for you.  Growing pains?  We’ve got ’em.  This position will be responsible for writing some of the basic company procedures and standard protocols as part of the day-to-day operations.

Communication to the bookkeeper, tracking client files, contracts, weekly sales goal reports and whatever else lands on your desk for the day. This position would support the project manager, CEO and CFO on some level. Ability to meet deadlines and extreme time management are crucial to the success of this position.

Career path:  next level in the company would be Project Manager or Sales Manager


Our company was founded by one of the best sales people in the industry.  We LOVE our sales team and will work hard to give you the support you need to be successful.  Must take a “no excuses” approach to closing deals.  This is not a marketing position; you must be able to develop relationships and close the deal.  You’ll report directly to our CEO and the two of you will work together to set manageable goals.

We’re looking for a seasoned person with experience and connections in advertising.  National advertising connections a plus and relationships with large firms also a plus. You’ll be on the cutting edge of exciting digital advertising products that have been in Europe for three years and in the U.S. for about one year.

Time management and accountability crucial.  Must be social media savvy and will be required to track all sales efforts in  No exceptions.

Salary, commission and bonus!

Career path:  Next level would be Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Sales manager position currently reports to the CEO.

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