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Print Marketing Tools

Affordable direct mail co-op pieces from $299 to 10,000 homes (including postage) along with:

  • Discounted direct mail, individual pieces

    Free/Discounted training classes

  • 20% or MORE on targeted newspaper, magazine and newsletter ads – ANYWHERE in the U.S.
  • Features in Deer Valley Times Newspaper covering North Phoenix!

*Direct mail allows you to communicate with an individual on a one-to-one level. It’s you and the customer. You have time to persuade, convince and eRise your customers. You can ask customers a direct question – and get a direct response.

Mail is engaging. Consumers spend on average 10 minutes reading direct mail, VERSUS 60-90 seconds online.

Mail is a tangible form of advertising. It gives you a physical presence in your customer’s home or office, and can literally put your product in their hands.

Mail can be targeted to reach very specific audiences – almost every individual, household and business  can be reached by mail.

Mail can support and deepen brand relationships, building awareness as part of integrated campaigns along with your social media, online, print ads and more!

OUR direct mail piece is unlike anything else in the market. Your targeted customers will NOT have to sift through an envelope filled with mini flyers or peruse through pages in a coupon magazine. A full-color, glossy, two-sided flyer with you and fellow local businesses will be placed inside of 10,000 mailboxes per month. A quick and convenient way to get your message into the homes of your NEW customers!

AND – if that’s not enough to convince you, we, the owners of BBT, personally use this method to advertise our other retail store in Queen Creek, Arizona!  Now, THAT’s putting our money where our mouth is…

SO, get READY, SET, GROW! Call us today: 623-806-1212 or

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