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Using LinkedIn to grow your business

If you missed today’s class at Deer Valley Inc/Your Action Coach, here are some guidelines to set you up for success in using LinkedIn to grow your business. Remember, if you have questions or would like to schedule a training session for you and your team, contact […]

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How to create a working web site in today’s market

Gone are the days when you set up your web site and forget it. Yes, fellow entrepreneurs, this, too, requires a little more attention in today’s fast paced online market. I’ve always said “the only constant in our life is that it’s always changing” and this holds […]

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Are newspapers dead?

Are newspapers dead? In a word, “no”. Why would one of the smartest businessmen of our time (Warren Buffet) be buying up newspapers quickly? Why would readership of hyper-local, community-focused newspapers be thriving in local communities around the country? As a relatively “new” newspaper owner myself (I […]

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Excel, achieve and inspire

 I attended another great Mastermind Class with Carolyn Andrews  of and would love to share with you what I learned today: In order to EXCEL in your business you must: 1.  Be the expert in your field 2.  Track your numbers 3.  Use effective strategies through the “Five […]

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12 link building steps

I LOVE these guys and always find valuable information from them. If you’re looking to search engine optimize your site – on your own – then here are 12 link building steps that shouldn’t get you banned from google! If you’d like to get a quote […]

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What I’ve learned so far from Napolean Hill

It’s still amazing to me how someone could write a book in 1938, have it sit in the family vault for years and still have it apply to today’s world. Mr. Hill has amazing insight and works with the reader in such a way that we are […]

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Are you all “dessert” and no “meat”?

Does your advertising look great, but doesn’t yield optimum results?  Do you have a beautiful web site, but you are not found easily on google?  We can help you navigate the vast advertising waters of today’s marketing world. Call us. We really can help.  623-806-1212

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Real estate social media 101

Are you a realtor who has a web site, but not getting their “fair share” of the online searches? Here are some  things to ask yourself, OR your current marketing company/director.  We offer a comprehensive analysis at Better Business Together to help you learn more, if needed. […]

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7 traits that have helped women get to the TOP

As a woman entrepreneur, it’s often the same skills that help you succeed in ownership that help you succeed in corporate America. Do you have these traits?

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Don’t fully understand social media benefits to your business?

Social media is changing faster than most of us can keep up. However, one thing that remains the same is HOW you can interact with your customers, provide BETTER service than the guy down the street and gain a customer for LIFE. If you’re a busy owner […]

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