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7 traits that have helped women get to the TOP

As a woman entrepreneur, it’s often the same skills that help you succeed in ownership that help you succeed in corporate America. Do you have these traits?

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Don’t fully understand social media benefits to your business?

Social media is changing faster than most of us can keep up. However, one thing that remains the same is HOW you can interact with your customers, provide BETTER service than the guy down the street and gain a customer for LIFE. If you’re a busy owner […]

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Telephone Game Anyone? FREE tips for small business

Ever play the telephone game as a kid or adult? I sure have and I’m always shocked at what the end message is after filtering through 5 or more people. Just HOW can people misunderstand your message? For those of you not familiar with this game, click HERE: […]

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A tale of advertising woe…

We’ve all thought it, and according to the SBA more than 80% of small businesses actually do this – AND FAIL. This is a true story from the Phoenix East Valley. SCENARIO: Two businesses opened up selling the same restaurant food. Things were going well, as there wasn’t […]

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FREE SEO Checklist for Entrepreneurs

The Internet can be overwhelming for a small business owner. We’ve compiled a quick SEO checklist to see if you’re doing the basics in search engine optimization to better grow your bottom line and make sure your competitors don’t have a “leg up” on ya! If you […]

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Is competition bad?

There are certainly many opinions out there, but the experts (and I tend to agree with these folks) all believe competition is good. Click here for a quick, 90-second story that may give you some perspective:

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Content is KING in your site and posts

We all know that in today’s web world, we need to provide specific, timely and useful content, not only to be picked up by Google and others, but to be a helpful resource for current and potential customers. This keeps them coming back time and again. What […]

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Don’t be shy! Why video blogging brings customers

Entrepreneurs all over the world can feel a little uneasy about putting their videos out for the world to see. But, who else is more qualified to speak passionately about your company, than you? Before you read the top tips for making a great, quick business video, […]

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7 small business marketing tips

We’ve found this article very helpful and a quick guide to some FRESH tips for your growing  business!

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10,000 Door Hangars, printed & delivered $399!

With BBT, your dollar goes much further! By working together, we can now offer 10,000, full-color, two-sided door hangars printed and delivered direct to homes or businesses, for JUST $399! Delivery alone would cost you at least $1,000. We’re better…TOGETHER. Call us today: 602-684-4444

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